Baskets and more baskets

I like baskets, so I had my eye on the maya*made basket pattern for a while before deciding to buy it.  I used a variety of sizes to make some toy baskets, some baskets for the bathroom, and some little baskets for gifts.  Image

It is a nice, clear pattern, and I generally liked the results.  But the biggest baskets are floppier than I’d like for some uses.  So when I saw Noodlehead’s pattern for a divided basket I decided to give it a try.

My first basket was for hats and gloves and such in the entry way.  Since I didn’t need a pocket I decided to leave off that part of the pattern:


The fusible fleece and interfacing make a nice, sturdy feeling basket and I was happy with the results.  The pattern was fun and easy to follow.  It is bigger than I expected and I do wish I’d stuck the pocket on the outside because I think it makes for a more charming result.

When I wanted to make something for my mother’s birthday I decided to scale down the pattern a bit and made another, smaller basket.  I included the pocket this time, and she happily put it to use sorting items on her desk:Image

Then I turned my attention to some knitting and spring clothes sewing, but I’m sure I’ll be back to basket making soon!

3 thoughts on “Baskets and more baskets

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