Spring KCW Days 1 & 2


I participated a bit in the last Kids Clothes Week but wanted to do more this week.  I knew printing patterns, tracing, and cutting takes up quite a bit of time, so I somehow managed to get seven things cut out in advance.  I was out of town the first few days, so I actually made these two in advance.

First up, I used Made’s Basic Pants pattern to make a light-weight pair of pajama pants for the spring and summer.  I had an old dress of my mother’s, just waiting to be repurposed into something.  It is a super-lightweight, kind of wild geometric fabric.  I love this pattern because it fits a tall, skinny kid really well.  Before trying them on I was worried that they wouldn’t fit because they are so slender:


But they fit quite well, and are good for sleeping, playing, and reading books all over the house:


When changing into clothes for the day, Es picked out an old pair of pants I made using the same pattern.  I made these as pajama pants but she quickly decided that they were regular pants instead.  They are rather short now-  in my family we always called this being a “high water Harry,” but she doesn’t seem to mind,

ImageShe wore them for some construction-watching and playing today this morning.



I want to try this pattern again to make some more pants for spring and fall (or really summer too because Seattle is not exactly hot most of the summer) and thought I might try this pattern again using the flat front option.  I’m not sure what fabric to use, but maybe a light-weight corduroy like the adorable hedgehog pants from Gail at Probably Actually.  Or I might try the yet to be released Parsley pants pattern from Rae at Made By Rae.

And next for Kids Clothes Week I’m working on some Oliver + S sailboat pants.  I stopped at the button holes today because button holes still scare me.


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