Spring KCW Day 3 & 4


I’m still hard at work on Kids Clothes Week.  I had one more project completed before my trip.  It is the reversible circle skirt pattern from You & Mie which is based off the MADE circle skirt tutorial.  Es is mostly a pants girl, but sometimes she’ll wear skirts and dresses and this one was getting rave reviews.  I chose a denim-like fabric for one side and a little floral print for the other.  The denim print is a bit heavier than quilting cotton but I wanted something that would match easily.

This was an easy pattern to follow and quick to finish.  I like the results but I don’t think it’s going to get much wear because of two mistakes I made.  First, Es was being less than cooperative when I first measured her waist.  You use this measurement to create your own pattern.  My measurement was too big, creating a larger than needed circle and more bulk/fabric than is needed.  Second, I should have picked very light-weight fabrics (or at least not used the denim).  With two layers it feels very bulky.  The pattern warned of this but I ignored it, and I won’t next time I try the pattern.  And I will try it again because the pattern was so fun.  Es insisted on trying it on over her clothes and really wanted to make it twirl:


I’m still at work on my sailboat pants.  I got through the button part with a few mishaps and am slowly chugging along.  I hope to finish tomorrow and then start on project #4!


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