Spring KCW Day 5


And Kids Clothes Week continues.  Today I finished a pair of Sailboat Pants from Oliver + S.  I love all their patterns, and they were actually the first patterns I used to sew for Es.  My mom taught me to sew when I was a child and my grandmother taught me to quilt in college.  I’d done some sewing here and there since then but really got interested once I found the Oliver + S patterns and the wonderful inspiration of sewing blogs and flickr.  I’ve tried a few of their patterns since then and loved every one.  They are so clear and I learn new techniques with each pattern.


The sailboat pants are a one scissor pattern, the easiest they make.  My only big problem was accidentally slicing too far through the buttonhole with the seam ripper- a terrible moment!  The button holes and button placement also didn’t line up quite right and I still haven’t figured out my mistake there, but I was able to move the buttons and make it work.  The top doesn’t quite line up, but shirts should usually cover up that mistake:


My favorite part of this pattern is actually the lining.  I used a different fabric for this part which adds a bit of color, even if you can’t see them when worn:


I used the same light-weight denim fabric as yesterday’s skirt.  I think it will be a nice neutral color to match with different shirts.  I have some purple fabric that I might use to make another pair if these get worn.  It’s always hard to predict what a 3 year old will decide to wear.  Thankfully the fun is mostly in the planning and making and learning.

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