Little knits

I like small knitting projects. My first knitting projecs were washcloths, and I made quite a few and learned some basic stitches. Then a friend suggested the fishy fish washcloth/bathmitt pattern.  This pattern is ridiculously fast and easy, so I made a bunch for Es and for gifts. They are well used for face washing and bath time around here and they just make me smile.  The cotton yarn does stretch out fast though, and they fit her hand best when right from the dryer.  So I tried a smaller needle and altered the patten a bit for a mini version. Here, the original and the mini:


I found another fun project in Marisol the Knitted Mouse. I first made one in gray, quickly named Minka after a mouse in the delightful children’s books by Lauren Thompson.


Then I made another one as a gift, to go with the mouse in Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes.


Then when Easter rolled around I got the idea to knit a rabbit, eventually deciding to alter this pattern (my Ravelry notes here). When she saw the rabbit Es said, “it looks just like Minka but with bigger ears!”  Not much gets by this kid.  She at first named her cotton tail, but when the tail fell off on day one (it has since been reattached) she renamed her Big Ears.


I have some more spring sewing all ready and waiting, and some baby hats and shoes just waiting for buttons.  But I’ve been distracted by gardening the last week, with sunny weather and vegetable beds needing to be organized and planted.  And the ongoing weeding of flower beds, too.   So much to do in the spring!


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