Summer sewing

It was forecast to hit 80 on Sunday, which is pretty hot in my book.  I had wanted to finish the round neck top I’d cut out for Kids Clothes Week but not sewn, but didn’t quite finish in time.  Instead, I snuck Es into two other things I’d recently made:  the geranium top and sailboat pants.  The contrast pocket and lining on the top even matched the pants, which made me pretty happy.  Of course I didn’t get a picture until the very end of the day when she was exhausted and would only pose with her water bottle in hand.


Yesterday while Es had a playdate with some very kind friends I was able to finish up the round neck top from that*darn*kat.  I’ve linked to the etsy shop but I bought it through Pink Chalk fabrics when the etsy shop was out of stock (pattern here).  This was my first time using this pattern.  I prefer to have something covering Es’s shoulders during hot weather because they are so prone to getting burned, but it is also nice to have some super summery tops in her rotation.


The pattern couldn’t have been any easier to follow.  It included very details directions with a picture for every step.  It is size 3T but I think I added an inch to the length.  The main fabric is from the Joel Dewberry heirloom line.  I got it at a local fabric shop but I also found it here.  It ended up rather bright but Es seems to like bright patterns so hopefully that will be a selling point.  I’m going to make this again and maybe try something more lightweight than quilting cotton.  I have some lovely Robert Kaufman lawn that I’ve been saving for something special.

I was a little concerned about the rolled hem around the arm opening (she also gives directions for bias tape) but it came out okay.  It just isn’t quite right on the bottom.  I’d love to know any tricks for a rolled hem where you’re going around a tight curve:


The pattern also prompts you to add a little tag to the back so you can tell which side is which when dressing.  I also labeled the size on the tag.


My only other problem was completely my own fault and I don’t know what I was thinking.  I attached the front yoke to the back dress panel and the back yoke to the front of the dress.  I didn’t realize this until I was completely done sewing and ready for the buttonholes.  The thought of ripping out both yoke pieces made me want to cry.  After a closer examination is looked like the pieces weren’t too different.  I cut out and hand sewed my little size tag to the correct side and switched the buttonholes and the button sides and it seems to work.




I also bought that*darn*cat’s ridiculously cute underwear pattern at the same time.  I’m stockpiling various odds and ends to use for this project sometime soon.  It looks like a good project for practicing knits and maybe learning how to use my mom’s serger.


5 thoughts on “Summer sewing

  1. Seattle, I absolutely love your blog!! I’m so excited you started this because if I start to tackle more ambitious sewing or crocheting projects I know just where to turn. I especially love the parts where Esme is features. I think she gets even more beautiful every day! 🙂
    I work on my quilt everyday and think of you, my truly inspirational friend!

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  3. Hi, you asked about the round hem under armholes.. I just cut a 45` angle instead of the curved underarm and turn over twice and sew straight down. Then, sew the side seams so that the sleeve hems meet, overlock the raw edges separately or as one. The top edge gets tucked into the yolk as normal. I battled with the armholes using bias etc.. for many years and finally discovered this trick, easy. cheers Maggie.

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