A sidekick tote for Mother’s Day

A little bit at the last minute, I decided to make a bag for Mother’s Day.  I often give my mom flowers for her garden at this time of year, but I had this pattern and thought it would be fun to try instead.  The pattern is Noodlehead’s Sidekick tote and I made the smaller size.  I used a heavier-weight purple fabric for the exterior, the same lightweight denim I’ve used on so many projects for the lining (I don’t recall how many yards of this fabric I purchased but I’ve almost used it up), with a little Joel Dewberry print for the interior pocket and the zipper tabs.



I had a lot of fun making Anna’s divided basket and this pattern was just as much fun.  There are so many pieces and options to play around with for mixing and matching fabrics.  It does take a lot of initial prep work, though.   There are many pieces to cut out and lots of interfacing.  Instead of purchasing the Pellon SF101 that is recommended I used up scraps of interfacing because I was on a short time schedule.  I also used fusible fleece for the top lining.  In retrospect I probably could have skipped the interfacing because the exterior fabric was so stiff already.  It was a little tricky sewing through all those layers of fabric and interfacing.  I am thankfully to be borrowing a machine from my mom rather than the Singer Featherweight.  But the heavier fabric makes the bag feel so sturdy and substantial and I love how the strap feels (even if it was  tight squeeze to get the thick straps through the slider bar).  I’ve never made a bag with hardware before and it was such fun!


In addition to the strap hardware I got to use all kinds of other tools on this project.  The pocket I picked used bias tape so I pulled out one of my bias tape makers (they come in a variety of sizes).  You could also purchase bias tape for the project, but I didn’t know that bias tape makers existed until recently and now I look forward to using them any chance I get:


I also used my new tailor’s chalk (order from Oliver + S along with my jumprope dress pattern– so excited to try this pattern out!).  I didn’t previously have a good way to mark darts, button holes, etc. on my fabric and used a mish mash of pencil marks, tailor tacks, eyeballing, and regular markers.  I think the tailor’s chalk will work nicely.

And I used my newly sharpened scissors.  They had gotten so dull that it was getting kind of ridiculous.  I also got to use up all kinds of thread from my eclectic (and poorly organized) collection.  There was a lot of thread/bobbin changing needed for this project, what with all the topstitching and various fabric combinations.

IMG_1660Once you have everything prepped the bag itself goes together quite quickly.  If you picked the Pocket Option A (without bias tape) I imagine it would be even faster.  I did feel like I had to wing it on this pattern, more than say an Oliver + S pattern, because it’s not quite as specific.  But this only really got me into trouble with the zipper steps and the zipper is not quite right, but functional.  I do love the little zipper tab on the end and I added a zipper pull too for added color and ease of opening.


I’m pretty happy with the results and look forward to making this pattern again for myself and as gifts.  Here I am modeling, with my huge 6-month pregnant belly as well.


I hope my mom likes it.  She is a fantastic mother, incredibly supportive, and one of Es’s favorite people ever.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!


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