For a baby girl

So we don’t actually know the sex of this baby of ours, expected in late summer.  Just like for Es we decided that it would be the best surprise to wait until birth.  It was hard to wait last time but so much harder this time.  I have so many knitting and sewing projects I want to complete right now!  So just in case the baby is a girl, I decided to make a few new girly things to go along with all the gender-neutral things we already had for Es and that I hope to make.

First up, a pair of Rae’s basic newborn pants.  This pattern is so easy and fast.  I did most of the sewing while a quiche was cooking.  The fabric is the same as my very first sewing for Es project two years ago.  She looks so little in this Oliver + S bubble dress!


I also love that the fabric is from my grandmother.  An avid quilter for many years, she’s now not able to quilt.  She happily shares her shelves and shelves of fabrics with me and it is fun to put them to use.

I had a little trouble getting the bias tape cuffs to lie flat last time and I didn’t have the correct color thread to topstitch.  So instead I cut out two cuff pieces and sewed them to the bottom of the regular pants pieces:

cuff pics

Then I sewed as directed except for a few small changes.  I used french seams this time.  This made for a very finished look inside but the center seam right at the center crotch is kind of wonky with the extra seams/fabric.  I’m guessing there is a trick for dealing with this.  The cuffs are secured on the inside with a blind hem (to avoid topstitching).  I also used 1/2 inch elastic because I like the look of larger waistbands.  The inside, and outside:

pants inside and out

The second project was actually completed last month but they sat around waiting for buttons.  These are the ruby slippers from the book Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger.  I really love this book and may have to buy it because I don’t think the library will let me renew it any more times and I still have a lot of projects bookmarked.  This was a fast and oh so satisfying little project.


And now I have a few little things ready for someone’s baby girl.  Maybe even our own!



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