An old-fashioned ice cream blouse

I have a lot of different projects going on right now-  some planned, others spontaneous.  In fact, this is what our kitchen counter looked like this morning, with three projects in various stages:


But I did complete one project this week, an Oliver + S ice cream blouse.  After making Es the dress version for her birthday I wanted to try the pattern again.  She rarely wears dresses but so far has been willing to wear shirts that I’ve made.  This is the 2T size with about 3 extra inches.  I shorted the pockets a bit to ensure that they’d fit on the tunic, as they were originally intended for the dress.  I skipped the v on the pockets but did put the v in the neck line this time, after following the helpful steps/pictures from Five and Counting here.  I’m so glad I did because it was quite simple and should make it easier to get the blouse over her head.  I also added french seams, as suggested in the pattern.  It gives the inside a nice feel and was easy for this pattern.  I also sewing in a size tag (2T L to remind me of the extra length).


The fabric is more from my grandmother’s stash.  It is probably 20+ years old and has a rather old-fashioned feel to it.  In fact, the shirt ended up a lot more muted than I’d planned.  It is also the exact same color scheme as my previous ice cream dress. Next time, something brighter!  And there will certainly be a next time because this is such a great pattern.  I’m thinking of using only one fabric with no pockets and I think it should come together quickly.  Es was happy to model this morning during a little break in the rain.


I sure love this goofy, sweet girl!


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