Long weekend

This was a weekend of relaxing, visits with friends and their delightful baby, and planning new projects.  We headed to my parents’ cabin on Puget Sound, one of our very favorite places to visit.  I brought along a stack of patterns to trace and cut out (and my to-sew list):


The cabin has a huge table, perfect for projects:


In between projects and the rain we played on the beach.  Es wore her trusty Gernaium top and sailboat pants (quite the favorites these days) for a little play time:


And my wonderful husband did tons of cooking and Es entertaining so I had plenty of time to not only get sewing projects ready, but to start a new knitting project for the baby:


Knitting and enjoying the view.  And don’t you love the wild gold print on the couch?!



2 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. Those sailboat pants are just much too adorable! Es looks like a little clothing ad for perfect, happy, beautifully dressed 3 year old playing on the beach!
    How I love your Vashon cottage… And how smart to have a little ironing board for the table! I keep hauling out the big board and it’s so cumbersome! I’ve had some new ideas for the quilt– I may go crazy and change the pattern for grandmother’s garden… Stay tuned! 🙂
    What are you knitting for the baby? It looks so lovely and the color reminds me of the rocks on the beach, I love it! 🙂

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