More pants

Suddenly most of Es’s pants are too short (and she’s still iffy about leggings), so I made another pair of MADE’s basic kid pants.  This is such a flexible pattern and I love it!  I used the small pockets and flat front option again.  They are Robert Kaufman 21 wale corduroy, same as the purple pair from last week.  I used a flower print for the pocket lining (it didn’t occur to me until too late to pick a more gender-neutral print so they could be reused by a boy).  I also cut the legs a bit skinnier and increased my seam allowance to make them a bit less baggy.  I love that by sewing I can (in theory at least!) make clothes that fit Es better than store-bought.  I still have so much to learn, but it’s such a fun challenge.


This time, I also tried making an adjustable waist.  In retrospect, it took a lot of time and I don’t know it if was worth it.  Maybe with practice (or if I knew the proper method).  If anyone knows of a good tutorial I’d love to see it!  But, here’s what I did:

1)  I cut a piece of elastic the same length as the back waist

2)  Ideally you would have left slits in the side seams.  I didn’t, so I got to have some seam ripper and hand sewing action to create slits on the inside of the waistband after the fact.

3)  I sewed buttonhole in the elastic.  I spaced them 1.5 inches apart on one side but that didn’t look right so I spaced them 1.25 inches on the other side.


4)  I sewed the buttons on.  I should have sewed them a bit lower and a bit closer to the waistband opening because I have a feeling that they are going to pull the waistband in a funny way and I’m forever going to be tucking  the extra elastic into the top of the pants.  Here’s what the adjustable waistband looks like when completed:



For whatever reason I had a lot of little problems with these pants, all entirely my own fault.  I couldn’t find matching thread at the store (so I used gold, which is kind of random), my topstictching kept getting off, making buttonholes in elastic is kind of tricky, all the needles in the house seemed to have disappeared. . . I kind of felt like hollering.  Or throwing all my books off my bookshelf like Es did at nap time yesterday.  But Es gave me a very enthusiastic “oh thank you!” when I told her I’d made new pants so that helped.  Even if she was more interested in playing than modeling the pants at the park this morning:


And in the yard this evening with her monkeys:


But that’s okay because they fit, and it wasn’t rainy this evening and I got a little time in the garden.  With all our rain the weeds are out of control, the veggies already in need thinning, and I needed to get the lettuce and bean seeds in the ground this month.  After tonight’s work I’m all caught up except for the pole beans.  Well, and the weeding….



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