A roller skate tunic

After seeing all the fabulous versions the roller skate dress/tunic from Oliver + S, I just had to give it a try.  I cut out a 2T tunic with an additional inch of length.  This is View C without the ribbon.


The main fabric is freshcut graphic mums in turquoise from Heather Bailey with Robert Kaufman lawn in dusty pink for the lining.  Both fabrics were lovely to work with and the pattern deserves all the praise it has been getting for ease of use.  Three pattern pieces to cut, everything goes together perfectly (even better than the previous Oliver + S patterns I’ve used), no buttonholes, and the lining makes it feel so finished.  I’m excited to try the other tunic neckline and the dress.  I’m seeing a lot of reversible versions which I’d love to try as well, although the lightness of the lawn makes it feel very summery as is.  I like the fabric color and pattern, but it does feel a bit bold for such a little top.  I’m still trying to figure out what kinds of prints and fabrics work best for different patterns.


My only sewing problem was the elastic casing.  I used tailor chalk to carefully mark the sewing lines as suggested in the pattern.  But by the time I got to that step the chalk had almost completely rubbed away.  Redrawing the lines at this point was a tedious task and I’m brainstorming solutions for next time.

I’m glad I went with the 2T because the bodice feels very roomy on Es and bunches up a bit when she sits.  But, another summer top completed and ready for a day at the park!  Es insisted on wearing her purple shorts and fancy “click clack” shoes this morning, so I just went with it.



IMG_2046And, the baby sweater is waiting to be blocked and find some buttons.  It’s the puerperium cardigan and it was so fun to knit.  It’s supposed to fit a size 6-9 pound baby, which made it kind of a silly choice because Es was 8.5 pounds at birth.  But luckily (I guess) my gauge is off and this should fit a larger-size baby.  A baby who will be named Thelma, if Es has her way.  We love the Frances books by Lillian and Russell Hoban and Thelma is a character in A Bargain for Frances.  We shall see…


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