Puppet show shorts

I forgot that I had one more projects cut out from the same light-weight denim that I used on a bag, another bag, a skirt, some pants, and for the lining/pocket of a shirt.  Oh my.  But the blue color is just so nice for matching!  These are the puppet show shorts, another pattern from the lovely Oliver + S.  The bias trim is Robert Kaufman from the London Calling line, here.


The entire pattern came together quite quickly and without major incident.  The pattern is labeled 3 scissors (out of 4) but the rating comes from the blouse as the shorts are an easy sew.  The waistband ended up skinnier than it is supposed to be so I had to substitute 1/2 elastic.  Not sure where I went wrong there, but I don’t think it matters much.  I also used the 2T length for the leg bias bands because I was worried about them being too wide for Es’s skinny legs.  This ended up making the shorts really look like bloomers (which the patterns calls them).  Not quite my intention, but again, it works and she’s happy.


Es work them for some gardening work (and play today):



And there is some knitting going on, too, because I have a lot of projects.  When I was feeling overwhelmed by all the spring/summer sewing projects for Es and all my dreamed-of baby projects I made two lists.  Or really I transferred from my master book of lists to make a new, prioritized, just for the summer list.  Because I love lists, and crossing things off lists, and making new lists.  According to these lists, I should complete about one Es project and one baby project each week to finish pre-baby.  So we have knitting at the table, knitting during my glucose screening, and I almost brought my knitting to the roller derby yesterday but that didn’t quite seem proper.


I have 10 projects for Es and 11 baby projects.  Totally reasonable in the next three months, right??


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