Class picnic shorts

I’ve been avoiding these shorts ever since I cut them out for Kids Clothes Week, spring edition.  Now that the summer edition has been announced and starts in less than a month, I thought I should get these finished.  These are the Oliver + S class picnic shorts, size 3T with no alterations.  I adore the class picnic blouse pattern and have made a few for Es.  But the odd-looking pattern pieces and my less-than-inspired fabric choice had me avoiding these shorts.  I decided to use only one fabric (Kaufman’s essex linen blend in light blue) to make a basic, easy to match pair of shorts.  The benefit of not using a contrasting color is that you can squeeze the 3T pair of shorts out of a little over half a yard.


But I’m not convinced that linen is the best choice for these shorts.  They seem stiff and not particularly comfy even thought the pattern is adorable and they go together quite easily.  See-  they even stand up on their own!


I’m thinking something softer next time.  Maybe even altering the pattern with some terry cloth and bias tape??  Or at least some more interesting thread for topstitching??  We’ll see how they do after a few washings.  Once on, they looked better and Es happily wore them while tying on her self-created cape:


And playing on the porch- ta da!


And if you look closely you can see the elastic is just pinned in place.  I’m trying to figure out if I’m just going to sew the elastic in place or use the button hole elastic option the pattern provides.  But now I know how to make a proper adjustable waist, either way.  I love Oliver + S pattern!

I’m happy to have this project complete because I just haven’t been in much of a sewing mood this week.  There’s been a ton of garden work, lots of cooking projects (including Smitten Kitchen’s delicious hummus and banana bread), and some baby gift making.  I tried out the rosebud hairclip tutorial from Alica Paulson for a friend’s daughter.  This is a glue-only project and was quite fun:


Next up, some more baby projects and some preparation for our camping trip on the coast next weekend.  I’m thinking a new hat and beach robe for Es may be in order.

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