Baby countdown: washcloths and burp cloths

The baby countdown continues around here, as I keep working on my list of projects.  This week I made some washcloths and burp cloths for the baby.  We have some left over from Es, but it is fun to have some new things for this baby.


The washcloths are based off these very-cute ones from A Cuppa and A Catch Up, although I first saw this version at Probably Actually.  The washcloths are from IKEA, here.  In fact Es and I made a special trip to IKEA last week because the little loops are cute and the washcloths are cheap (and therefore thin and not fantastically well-made, as per everything at IKEA).  And I also wanted some thin towels to cut up and make this cute beach robe, which is my next project.

But, back to the washcloths.  When cutting out the little squares for this project I realized how much I enjoy little scrap projects.  Making clothes is fun (and semi-practical) but I miss little quilts and bags and such.  I love using up little scraps of fabric that just aren’t right for clothes.


I first cut a bunch of strip that were 3.5 inches tall.  I then cut them into varying widths and matched them together so that five pieces together equal about 14 inches.  Then they were sewn together with 1/4 inch seems and the edges ironing under about 1/4 inch.  I’ll probably keep some for us and give some away as gifts (there are 10 washcloths in a pack).  An easy, quick, satisfying project except that I always burn my fingers while trying to iron tiny pieces.  I must remember to turn off the steam…



The other project was a few simple burp cloths.  These are based off our favorite burp cloths for Es, given to me by a friend.  I cut a couple of layers of flannel 10×16 inches, rounded the corners, and then zig-zagged around the edge.


Two more projects crossed off my list and tucked away into a drawer, ready for this baby.


4 thoughts on “Baby countdown: washcloths and burp cloths

  1. These are so wonderful!!!! I just love the burp cloths, they are so beautifully crafted. And the quilted washcloths! Obviously, I share your affinity for scrap- fabric projects … Just lovely. I am continuously impressed with your energy and how much thoughtfulness you put into all the things you’re making for Es and the new little one! I hate the commercial world of children’s STufF so your work is extra I souring to me. 🙂

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