Beach robe

In preparation for our summer trips to the beach, wading pools, spray parks, and swimming lessons, I decided that Es should have a beach robe.  Initially she’d asked for a bath robe.  But when looking for patterns online I found this beach robe pattern from Dana at MADE and realized that this was much more practical.  I’ve used Dana’s patterns before to make Es some pajama pants, corduroy pants, and a skirt and they’re very clear with detailed descriptions of each step, helpful tips, and amusing commentary.  They’re fun patterns and I’m excited to check out more of her work.


I made the size medium (18 months-3T) because that was the biggest size I could squeeze out of the towel I used as fabric.  This whole project was about making it work with what I had.  So the sleeves ended up only 3/4 length, the nap doesn’t match (I now understand about this due to Dana’s fantastic directions which I sadly had to ignore a bit) and the tie had to be cut out of regular cotton instead of terry cloth.  If you’re making this, make sure to buy a big enough towel (or buy two).  The directions are super clear for this, I just hadn’t read them before shopping.  The hood is lined in Kaffe Fassett Millefiore in pastel (purchased from a lovely little fabric store in Boston, but can be found here as well) and I used some teal bias tape I found in my stash.  Even thought it is fun to make bias tape, this project uses a ton so it was nice to have it pre-made.  I especially love the hood:


I wish it were longer (ideally I’d have made a medium with size large length for this tall 3 year old), but it’ll work for now.  And she loves it!


She was particularly interested in figuring out how to tie it:


She asked to wear it home from the park for some puzzle work while I fixed lunch (which included the pumpkin muffins we made this morning.  They are delicious and so easy to make!).


With the robe made, we are ready to hit the Washington coast for some camping action.  I have no idea how camping will be at 31 weeks pregnant but I’m excited for the get-away.  The Washington coast is one of my absolute favorite places.  The highest temperature looks to be 69 degrees so there may be limited swimsuit-wearing.  But maybe a robe will come in handy.  And now I need to look over my next knitting patterns and make sure there aren’t any tricky stitches to research before I leave.  We’ll be away from internet knitting help and I have some more baby things to make!


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