Lots of camping but not much sewing

We headed out-of-town the past two weeks for some fabulous camping trips.  The first was to the Washington coast.  We got married here (in December, which was a wonderful and crazy adventure), it was one of my favorite childhood places, and was so fun to return to again.  Then last weekend we headed over the mountains to the sunnier, drier side of the state for some camping by a river and lake.  Both trips were with family which meant so many playmates for Es.  She had a wonderful time:








In between the packing and unpacking and camping activities I did get some knitting accomplished but almost no sewing.  This hot weather is just not very inspiring.  Or maybe it’s being in my third trimester of pregnancy.  Or both.  But I need to get my act together because there are so many summery things I still want to make.  And so many things for this baby.  I’m hoping that Kids Clothes Week will be a good inspiration next week.  And have you seen their new website?  I’m so excited!


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