A bucket hat for the sun

Well, I got my act together enough to make Es a summer hat.  See, Es has this fantastic Patagonia hat that she got from her aunt when she was tiny.  It’s kind of magic in that she’s been able to wear it the last three summers.  The prints are cheerful and wild, it’s made from some lightweight but not floppy fabric, it has a chin strap, and we love it.  But it’s getting a bit small and the brim doesn’t cover her face like it used to:

Three years of hats

So, time to make a new hat.  I’ve had my eye on this one for quite a while.  It is the bucket hat pattern from the Oliver + S book Little Things To Sew.  The book is fabulous and I’ve used it to make mittens, a tutu (which is darling but Es absolutely refuses even to try on, hence no pictures), a smock (probably the most-worn item I’ve ever sewn), and countless drawstring bags.  But if you didn’t want to get the entire book, the pattern is available for free as well.

IMG_2800This is a size medium (3-5) and it fits nicely-  a bit big but wearable for now and with plenty of room to grow.  I added 1 inch to the brim to ensure maximum use (and maximum sun protection).  It has shot cotton on one side and a quilting cotton from my grandmother on the other side:



The shot cotton is lighter weight than the recommended fabric so I added iron-on interfacing to all the pieces and a double layer for the brim.  Es was concerned that it didn’t have chin straps, though, and kept trying to hold it on.  I might go back and add some straps later:

IMG_2795All in all, I’m pretty happy with this project.  And despite her rather serious expressions while taking photos today, I think it’ll get a lot of use.




3 thoughts on “A bucket hat for the sun

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