In the garden- mid July

This week in the garden we finished up the last of the summer planting, the weeds have slowed down a bit with the warmer weather, and we are starting to do more harvesting.  It’s a good time of year.  We had raspberries by the end of June, which seemed early.  But my garden notes from last year are non-existent.  This year I’m attempting to keep a better map and notes on planting and harvest:


We still have some thinning to do, especially because Es loves to plant seeds and has a tendency to put them in a little thicker than recommended.  Sometimes I let her dump the remainder of a packet of seeds out into the garden and she is in heaven:


Our zucchini is starting to pick up so I was able to make one of our favorite soups tonight, the summer squash soup from the book Super Natural Every Day.  I’m not normally a fan of coconut milk but it works so well in this soup.

One mystery from this year is the bush beans.  Somehow I mixed up the packages and the bush beans ended up being pole beans instead.  Which means that we’ve been adding some makeshift poles for the beans as they grow towards the sky and attempt to curl around every other plant within reach.


As in past years, I’ve relied on Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades (and my very experienced gardener parents) to advice on gardening for this area.  In between the gardening I’ve been doing some knitting and getting ready for a big week of sewing.  I am also quite excited about the new camera we got today.  I sat with the manual trying to get semi-educated on all the features.  I know next to nothing about photography and cameras  but hopefully this will be a good chance to learn.  And maybe get some good pictures of summer outfits to post next week!


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