Summer KCW Day 1- a flowery round neck top


I am excited to have project one completed for Summer Kids Clothing Week!  My first priority this week is to finish the three shirts that have been cut out and waiting since Spring KCW.  Then I hope to make some more shorts and something for the baby.  This project is also uploaded to the brand-new Kids Clothes Week database (although you need to be registered to see the projects).


Pattern:  Round neck top from that*darn*kat, size 3T with one added inch

Fabric:   Flowered quilting cotton from my grandmother, solid green cotton (maybe Kona?)

Alterations:  I forgot (yet again) to check for matching tread before starting this project.  I had no acceptable greens so I decided to use white.  Not great, so I decided to not topstitch the yokes and handstitched the back of the yoke together instead.  I actually like that look better and may use it again in the future.  I also used french seams inside- worked great!

Notes:  I used the bias trim option for the armholes instead of the rolled hem I used last time I made this pattern.  I’m not sure which option I prefer.  I also thought about using pleats instead of gathers but realized that I would need to have cut the bodice much wider than in the pattern.  Maybe next time.

DSC_0370 DSC_0353 DSC_0343

And that’s day one!


4 thoughts on “Summer KCW Day 1- a flowery round neck top

  1. It is a beautiful top. I love the fabric and colors. I often forget about matching thread and then I am all set to start sewing and can’t find thread that goes with it.

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