Summer KCW- pleated ice cream blouse


My second item for Summer Kids Clothing Week, complete!  This is my third time using the Oliver + S ice cream dress pattern (for a dress and a shirt) and I love it!  The last time I made the shirt I added quite a bit of length so there would be room for pockets.  This time I decided to use the extra length try out horizontal pleats (is there a more technical name for these??) after seeing the adorable Paris Skirt from Nothing Too Fancy.

Pattern:  Oliver + S ice cream dress, size 2T with added length


Fabric:   Shot cotton in eucalyptus.  This fabric was so much fun to work with.  It’s actually teal and dark purple strands woven together.  It is lightweight-  nice for wearing but takes a bit more care when sewing.


Alterations:  With the extra length I added two horizontal pleats to give this top a bit more interest since I was using a single dark/muted fabric.  I’ve never made this kind of pleats before so I making it up as I went along.  I made the pleats before sewing the bodice pieces together.  This meant I could still use french seams inside but the pleats sadly don’t match up at the sides.  Does Oliver + S have a pattern with this type of pleats?  I’d love to know the proper way to make them, and Oliver + S patterns are the way I learn most of my new sewing techniques.

Anyway, all I really wanted to do this afternoon was take a nap but I gathered up all my energy, listened to some This American Life episodes, and finished this up.  I’m pretty happy with the result (and please excuse Es’s post-nap hairdo):


Es was not really in a posing mood this afternoon and just wanted to be silly and make funny poses on her picnic table:


Every age has been fun, but three years old so far has been a complete kick.  Es has so many opinions, comes up with such goofy ideas, and is a total chatterbox (at least around people she knows).  She enjoyed her new shirt and I’m excited to have another project crossed off my list.


10 thoughts on “Summer KCW- pleated ice cream blouse

  1. What a gorgeous shirt! i am afraid of sewing a solid because then I think all my mistakes would show. But after seeing your shirt I want to try. My son is three and a half and I have to agree with you about age three. Though my daughter is two and I may say the same thing about her age 🙂

    • Thank you! One of the nice things about shot cotton is the slight color variations. It makes it a bit more forgiving than a complete solid 🙂 But I did have to pull out and redo some topstitching that got a bit wonky, so I know what you mean!

  2. You know, we don’t have a pattern that does pleats like this. But we should! I’ll add it to my list. The closest we’ve come is the Family Reunion with the pintucks, but that wouldn’t really help with something like this. One thing you could try would be to do the pleats after you’ve sewn up the side seams, because they you don’t need to worry about matching them afterwards. But I just love how it turned out! It’s really sweet.

    • Thank you, Liesl! It is an honor to have you stop by here. Somehow I’ve skipped over the Family Reunion dress but I see now that it has a tunic version. Hmm… have to try that one soon! And I’ll definitely try out your suggestion for adding the pleats in afterward on one of my next projects.

  3. Yay you, I absolutely love this fabric and the pleats. Yay for getting double mentions from KCW and Liesl. It really is lovely. Great job and thanks for taking the time to post on my blog too. Nice to know I am not talking to myself out there.

    • Thank you- it has been quite an exciting day! And I know what you mean about the comments. Sewing is not a particularly social hobby so it’s nice to connect with actual people once in a while!

  4. What a lovely shirt — I love the tucks you added, they’re really a great detail. (Jay sent me over this way, and I’m glad he did! I love seeing what other people are knitting and sewing, and getting to see pics of Es in the deal’s even better, she’s adorable and I can finally put a face with the stories!)

    • Thank you, Martine! It was a very fun project and Es is quite the character. And I agree- it is so fun to see what others are making and to get inspired and gather new ideas.

    • Thank you so much, Gail! I’m trying to figure out how to use these pleats again. Maybe when I try the playtime tunic. And I’m so honored that you’re looking around here. I’m sure that many of the patterns will look familiar because you’ve been such a huge inspiration to me!

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