Summer KCW- hat straps and experimental shorts


I’m afraid I lost a bit of momentum at the end of Summer Kid’s Clothing Week but I did get two more projects finished up.  First, I went back and added straps to the Bucket Hat I made a few weeks ago after Es decided she wouldn’t wear the hat because it occasionally blows off.

After getting some good suggestions here and talking it through with my mother-in-law (who is a great seamstress) I went with the buttonhole option.  I added two buttonholes slightly behind the center seams.  Then I created two straps, added some velcro, and handstitched them to one side of the hat.  I wish the white velcro didn’t show up with such contrast, but it worked and she is happy (despite her pained expression in the second photo)!  I’m sure I’ll make more of these hats in the future because it is a great pattern and I’ll just add the straps into the seams next time.



After finishing the hat we headed to Vashon Island for the weekend and I packed up an experimental shorts project to take with me.  Ever since making my first pair of Oliver + S class picnic shorts I wanted to make them again in a softer fabric.  Then I saw the very fun prefontaine shorts pattern from Made With Moxie and I got this idea that I could modify the class picnic shorts pattern using bias tape instead of the facing pieces.  Then Es said she wanted some green shorts and I remembered that I had a lime green towel hanging around.  And even though I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work, I decided to give it a try and started cutting (with some extra length because the previous pair seem a bit short on Es):


After battling with the old Elna sewing machine we have stored at the cabin (my husband bought it years ago at a garage sale for $3.50 to make kites and helped me navigate some of its more peculiar features) I wasn’t sure quite what to think of the results:


The towel is much too bulky and the lime green is rather loud, but the bias tape modification is fast and easy.  So maybe I’ll go back and try the bias tape idea again with some other fabric.

While I was away yesterday for a few hours Jay got some great pictures of Es goofing around (and using an old camera to try and take pictures of our chickens) in the shorts:

Towel shorts1

And those are my accomplishments for Summer KCW.  What a fun week!  I’ve loved looking at all the creations, finding new blogs, and trying out the new database.  A huge thank you to Dorie and Meg for creating such a fantastic place for us sewers to share and connect!  Now, time to get a few more summer and pre-baby projects finished and then look forward to Fall Kid’s Clothes Week!


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