Baby countdown: this and that

I finished a few baby-related projects yesterday this week.  First, I finally finished up this little knitted bear.  I got it in my mind that the baby needed some new toys and had been wanting to try this pattern:


This is the Baby Bear pattern from Susan B. Anderson’s book Itty Bitty Toys.  My Ravelry notes here.  This is some of the first yarn that I bought when I started knitting last year.  I don’t love it now but it was nice to use up what I had.  I had to drop down to a size 2 needle to avoid the stuffing showing through too much.  I’ve really grown to hate the feeling of polyester fiberfill but finding other options in local stores has been trickier than expected.  I stuffed this with a polyester/bamboo mix that feels slightly better.  But next time I’ll try to plan ahead and order some wool stuffing.


Es has adopted the bear until the baby arrives.  I’m wondering if I’ll need to make another one because she’s grown kind of attached.  She even makes it playdough pancakes:


Es spent today with her grandmother so I was able to finish up two other projects, including a pair of baby pants.  I had wanted to make some more of Rae’s Basic Newborn Pants and some more Quick Change Trousers (I’ve made these patterns before here and here).  I ended up merging the two patterns to make this pair:


The main fabric is Fly a Kite from Moda’s Noteworthy Collection.  I don’t seem to have a name for the striped/dotted contrast fabric.  I mostly used Rae’s pattern for these, but I like how to the Quick Change trousers pattern uses two colors for the back.  So I altered the pattern pieces slightly, which you can kind of see in this picture:


Basically I added a side seam allowance (rather than cutting the pattern on the fold), added 1/2 inch extra to the bottom (to hopefully make the pants wearable for a longer period of time), added 1/2 inch extra to the top to allow for wider elastic, and cut the back pieces out of two fabrics.

The back ended up looking like this:


I experimented with different ways of finishing the seams using some ideas from Rae’s post about super seams.  She has some great suggestions that end up making the inside of these pants almost as finished looking as the outside.  I followed You & Mie’s great instructions for how to add cuffs, which I plan to use in the future on this and other projects.

Finally, I added a bit of bias tape to these diapers to make some more burp clothes.  Because bias tape makes almost everything better:

IMG_2896I love baby projects!

4 thoughts on “Baby countdown: this and that

  1. Your projects just continue to amaze me in skill, beauty, and speed! Wow wow wow…
    I’ll have to email you soon in more detail but just wanted to say hello and appreciate all these things you create! I showed my mom the hat and green Shorts you made Esme and she couldn’t stop fawning! 🙂

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