A red 2+2 blouse

Last spring while visiting my sister in New York we stopped at the Purl Soho store.  This is a fabulous little place and I was completely overwhelmed by all the amazing fabrics and yarn.  So I bought this 2+2 Blouse and Skirt pattern instead, on a bit of a whim.  It wasn’t really on my to-sew list, but I’ve loved all my other Oliver + S pattern and thought I’d give this one a try.  This was a fun sew-  I learned some new techniques, the directions were clear (but don’t forget to check the errata is you have a first printing like I had!), and I like that it’s different from her other tops.


I cut a 3T plus added length.  The fabric is Moda Marmalade with some sage green kona cotton for the trim.  My choice of fabric for this shirt was based almost entirely on the fact that I had a bobbin full of red thread that I wanted to use up.  I found this fabric in my stash, originally purchased with some kind of Christmas dress in my mind.


I followed the pattern as written except for a few small changes.  I sewed the sleeve facings as bias instead (I figured a little more green might help with the red-ness of the whole thing).  The bias was skinny so I sewed it in place by hand.  I also sewed the hem by hand.  I really enjoy hand sewing and I had a chunk of time yesterday when we were at my parents’ house during nap time.

I thought the long front ties might annoy Es (many people have replaced them with a button) but she likes trying to tie things and loved them.  She wouldn’t let me tie them for these photos (honestly, getting her to pose for any kind of photos today was a major task…)



She finally told me-  one more picture, mama!


I might try again with the long sleeve option for the winter.  Although in my rearranging and sorting out (to make room for the baby’s things) it turns out that Es has quite a few clothes already for the fall/winter.  But that didn’t stop me from taking advantage of the super Oliver + S summer sale–  50% off all paper patterns.  The sale ends today, so if you’re interested in doing any sewing for kids this is a great opportunity!

And finally, some bonus pictures of Es with the Oliver + S layered look she put together this morning:

layered look

Last fall’s Sunday Brunch jacket (so short on her now!), puppet show shorts, and her new 2+2 blouse.  This kid keeps me laughing all day!

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