This month: prepare

The word of the month from our Nikki McClure calendar seems particularly perfect for our family right now.  Prepare.  With somewhere around a month to go we are savoring out time with Es as an only child and anticipating the craziness and joy of meeting this new little person.


I’ve finished up all my summer sewing projects for Es last month, which feels like a nice accomplishment (and then couldn’t resist starting my sewing list for the fall).  I have a few more sewing for baby tasks, including these changing table covers.  They are simple-  a towel backed with an old flannel receiving blanket.  I added a bit of color that matched the washcloths I made here.  In the first few months it felt like Es’s changing table covers were always in the wash.  Hopefully this added layer will help.  I made some larger and some smaller to see what we like best:

DSC_0323 DSC_0320My next project is some baskets to repurpose part of this bookshelf for some changing table storage.  Fitting two kids into one room is taking some creativity.

DSC_0319Part of our other preparation this weekend was to convert Es’s toddler bed back into a crib.  Which meant that Es moved into her new twin bed.  I realized that the quilt she’s been using doesn’t really fit (although you can’t quite tell from this picture):


This is my husband’s baby quilt.  It was in rough shape by the time we got it.  My grandmother repaired the threadbare patches and we added new batting, backing, and binding.  I love having things with such a great history around our house.  But Es will also need an additional, twin-sized quilt eventually.

Ever since I saw this gorgeous rainbow quilt from Made By Rae I’ve wanted to make one for Es.  Rae made this quilt with some older Far Far Away prints by Heather Ross that now sell for ridiculous sums online.  But Heather Ross just came out with her new Briar Rose line and I picked some up:


I’m going to use some of my own fabrics to fill in and try to copy the vibrance of Rae’s original quilt.  There are instructions here, if you’re interested (using the new line of fabric).  I’m not sure when I’ll get to this project.  Maybe by the winter?  Or is making a quilt with a newborn completely wishful thinking?  Guess we’ll see…


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