In the garden: early August



We are in that lovely garden season where nothing more is getting planted and it is dry enough to have stopped most of the weeds. It is just a matter of watering and harvesting these days. Which is handy because that’s about all the energy I have left.

Three weeks ago I pulled up the garlic we planted last September:


I had a suspicion that some of it came out too late.  After curing on the porch for three weeks I trimmed it all up.  Some of the bulbs are splitting apart (you can see below) which I assume means they were in the ground too long.  Anyone know more about garlic and have any ideas?


Other than that we’ve been eating beans and zucchini and tomatoes. I Iove the way that the pole beans just keep producing and winding themselves all over the garden.  And the zucchini was a bit out of hand for a while but has now slowed down.  We’ve been eating this orzo pasta, roasted veggies, zucchini muffins, and zucchini casserole to try and keep up.



I occasionally dream about growing enough in our garden to can/freeze/pickle and last through the year. I know that we don’t currently have the garden space, time, or freezer/storage space to come anywhere close to that goal. And although we sometimes talk about moving somewhere with more land, it would be hard to give up the short walk to the library and park and my husband’s easy bus commute downtown to work. So for now we will just enjoy the harvest as it comes, saving a few bits here and there for later.



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