Baby countdown: more baskets

Es was with her grandmother yesterday and it was a cool and rainy day.  I’ve missed the rain.  Everything is so dry here by mid-August, not our normal Seattle green.  It was a perfect day for sewing up two last baskets.  I’ve made both of these patterns before (here and here).  But I think these are my favorite versions so far.

Basket #1:


Pattern:  Divided basket pattern from Noodle-head

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman essex yarn dyed linen blend in denim (exterior), Robert Kaufman essex linen blend dusty blue (interior), and Heather Ross Frog Pond in violet/green (front pocket).

Alterations:  The first time I made this basket it felt too tall, so the second time I scaled the entire pattern down.  This time I took 1.5 inches off the top of each piece and am very happy with the results.

Notes:  These were all such lovely fabrics to work with.  The yarn dyed essex works especially well to make a sturdy basket and I can see why this fabric is a favorite with other sewers.  I have some more of this fabric and some in black and look forward to using it for more projects this fall.

And basket #2:


Pattern:  Nesting Fabric Bowls from A Cuppa and a Catch Up, 7 inch size

Fabric: Robert Kaufman essex yarn dyed linen blend in denim (main exterior), Heather Ross Frog Pond in violet/green (exterior stripe), and a sage-green solid (interior)

Alterations:  I ran out of fusible fleece after cutting out the previous basket.  I had some sew-in interfacing hanging around and so I used two layers with some thin batting sandwiched between.  It ended up looking fine in the end, but goodness, iron-in interfacing was a fantastic invention!  Dealing with the sew-in stuff was tricky.

Notes:  I wanted to make these simpler than my last baskets with this pattern.  I stitched in the ditch along the frog pond stripe and skipped the topstiching around the edge.

And now the changing area is all ready:


7 thoughts on “Baby countdown: more baskets

  1. I just love those baskets! So much better and more attractive than these more traditional storage containers I saw at the store the other day…
    I cant believe it’s late August and getting so close! 🙂

    • Thanks- these are both really great patterns. And you have some beautiful projects- I loved looking at your website! And I had to laugh that we bought our Briar Rose at the same store 🙂

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