This and that

I’ve been slowing puttering away on a few uninteresting but useful projects around here.  Things like shortening some curtains in the living room and making a bedskirt for Es’s new bed.  For the bedskirt, I repurposed a thrifted queen-sized sheet.  This worked quite well because I was able to reuse the pre-existing sheet hems.  I also cheated and only created two sides, since the other sides are against the wall.


In other news, Es has shown a sudden interest in skirts.  This makes me want to sew a few up, just in case this phase passes quickly.  There are so many cute (and easy looking) skirt patterns out there.  I also want to make some denim or neutral-colored baby pants to match various tshirts and onesies.  And I’m tempted to make a tiny Geranium dress, just in case we have a girl.  But it’s hot here and I’m kind of huge and miserable.  So instead of starting these projects I’ve tackled a little knitting project:


Ravelry link for these little shoes here.  I’ve also been doing a lot of blog reading, gathering inspiration and just generally being amazed by all the fabulous creations out there in the world.  From my reading I’ve decided to set two fall/winter goals:  sewing more with knits and non-quilting cotton type fabrics and trying out some Japanese sewing patterns (after being in awe of the fabulous creations at Sanae Ishida).  Anyone else starting to make goals for some fall sewing?


3 thoughts on “This and that

  1. I have had a fall goal for sewing for a while that is similar to yours. Mine is learn to sew knits since I have never tried it. And my other goal which goes with it, is to get comfortable with my serger. I am not sure how I will do that with halloween costumes, Christmas, and other fall clothes I want to make but I really want to try.

    • Oh, the serger! That’s an excellent goal. I’ve never really used one but it seems like the way to go for sewing knits. So far my knit projects have only been presentable enough for pajamas!

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