Car seat canopy

A good friend, who is due to have a baby in September, asked if I could make her a car seat canopy.  I don’t remember these existing when Es was a baby.  Maybe they are an invention of the last three years?  She sent me a few Pinterest links and I ended up using this tutorial from Cluck. Cluck. Sew. to create this little cover:


The central panel is Backyard Baby Windy Day from Michael Miller with cotton from my stash for the other panels and white sheeting on the back.  I was able to use the directions as written except for changing the dimensions a bit.  I ended up with a finished dimension of 37 x 38 inches to fit my friend’s Chicco Keyfit carseat.  The original pattern was 35 x 42 inches.  We have the same carseat which was handy because it took a few tries to get the size and velcro placement correct.  You can see the velcro tabs here:


I’m trying to decide if I’ll make another one for us.  While I love the Chicco Keyfit carseat it is quite heavy.  With Es we ended up leaving it in the car most of the time so I don’t know if this get a lot of use.  But I like the idea of it and it was fun to sew, so we’ll see.  And either way, I’m happy to have this little project crossed off my list.  Now we just need some babies!



4 thoughts on “Car seat canopy

  1. Hello, question. If your finished canopy measured 37 x 38″, I am guessing the 38″ is top to bottom. How far down did you put the loops? I want to make a canopy for a Chicco seat, but don’t have one to measure. Thanks!

    • I think the loops ended up being right in the center, but unfortunately I don’t have the cover (or carseat) anymore to check. So sorry to not be more helpful!

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