Preschool Lunchbox

Es will be going to a morning preschool program a couple of days a week this year.  The program ends right after lunch, which means I got to make her a lunchbox!  I can’t tell you how excited that made me, and I love how little this lunchbox is.  Perfect for three-year old hands and appetites.


You can see here that it fits her divided Lunchbots and silverware container perfectly:


Pattern: Love Your Lunchbox by Gingercake Patterns

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman essex yarn dyed linen blend in denim (main exterior), shot cotton of unknown color (exterior flap), floral quilting cotton (pockets), and an unknown laminated cotton (interior)


Modifications:  I added the pink shot cotton trim to the top of the pockets (and as a pocket lining).  In doing so I must not have measured everything correctly because the pockets ended up slightly taller than they should be.  This makes the pockets difficult to use and probably messes up Es’s plan to use them to carry her “cell phone” around.  I had to laugh when she told me that plan.


This is a nice, clear pattern.  The directions are chatty and detailed.  They tell you what to do (with pictures) and often give you a nice explanation of the why behind the method/step as well.  It’s a relatively quick sew.  Cutting out the pieces and applying the fusible fleece actually took me longer than sewing it up.

Es tried it out this morning and seemed pleased.  On a side note, this morning she picked out the Oliver + S bubble dress that I made her last summer and that she hasn’t worn since.  It’s the 18-24 month size with 3 added inches of length and is fits almost perfectly.  That’s the beauty of making clothes right to your child’s actual size!


I did learn that sewing with laminated cotton is a pain.  I used a new, heavy-duty/jeans needle, as suggested.  This went through the many layers of fabric just fine (and there are a lot of layers!).  But the laminated cotton bunched and stuck and refused to cooperate unless I sewed with it the on bottom and ensured that the fabric was actually feeding through correctly (i.e., pushing it through the machine every time it got stuck).  I ordered way more laminated cotton and insulbrite batting than I needed for this project so I have plenty of extra to make a few more.  I think these would make a nice little gift.  Once I’m ready to tackle some more laminated cotton, that is…

3 thoughts on “Preschool Lunchbox

  1. The lunch box came out great. My sons starts pre-school on Tuesday and I found out today he needs a back pack. I just came back from Joanns with the supplies to make one. I hope it comes out. The bubble dress is darling and your daughter looks so sweet.

    • Thanks! And making a backpack sounds fun! I’ve had my eye on the one from the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book, but Es has one from her grandma that still fits. As soon as she outgrows it I’ll have to give the pattern a try. I’d love to see how yours turns out! Nothing like sewing on a deadline 🙂

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