For the farmhouse

We are settling in to life as a family of four.  I’m spending lots of time nursing O while reading books to E, catching up on all my blog reading and Flickr groups during middle of the night feedings, snuggling up this little boy, and being so grateful that J is home with us for these first few weeks.

E has also spent a lot of time playing with her farmhouse set up.  She first requested a farmhouse last Christmas and was given some more pieces for her birthday in the spring.

DSC_0099I love the beauty of Waldorf-type toys.  They are expensive but have gotten so much use and they just make me happy as I walk by.  It usually is a disorderly mess and the pieces often get relocated to other places in the house for school, swimming at the pond, and trips to the woods.  But messy or not, these pieces gets a ton of use.


The dollhouse, hen house, and some of the wooden animals and figures are from The Wooden Wagon.  Other animals and figures are from Nova Natural.  A variety of play mobile and other random creatures also inhabit the farm.  And I’ve added a few little craft projects here and there over the past few months.

Since we were having a baby, a made a little Waldorf-inspired baby doll.  Sewing little things is tricky so this ended up pretty big.  Thankfully E doesn’t seem too concerned with scale.  I repurposed some knitted squares as blankets and used some scraps of wool felt to make pillows and a flag banner. I made these little stackable trees using this tutorial. And Minka the Mouse and Big Ears the Rabbit (shown here) usually live at the farm too.

DSC_0105DSC_0113DSC_0110None of my projects are particularly well crafted but E is an easy customer.  Watching her play and narrate the action is wonderful and I get a kick out of making little things to add to her fun.  With our little house, I love how this one area is a catch-all for so many of her other toys.  Yep, the farm is a lovely thing.



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