In the garden: September

Well, the garden has been quite neglected these past few weeks.  Thankfully we had a few big rain storms in late August and now in September that have at least helped with the watering.  But really, everything has been left on its own.  And when that happens you get some really big produce:

DSC_0091_3 DSC_0085_2

That large (and odd-colored) cucumber actually tasted okay and we’re using up the last of the huge zucchini.  Our potato crop, given that we had a fairly small bed, was also the most successful we’ve ever had.  I’ve read that potatoes do best when planted in a squished area.  Apparently that’s true, as we got enough to fill up E’s wheelbarrow.


There are a few things left to harvest- some tiny carrots, some lettuce, and a few last red tomatoes.  Mostly we have a lot of green tomatoes.  I should look into using them up- in the past they’ve gone to waste.  Any recommendations for green tomato recipes would be appreciated!

But in other areas our garden was a slow producer this year.  Not sure how much was lack of attention, poor seed choice, lack of water, or something else.  The beets and onions were tiny, many of the beans never produced, and the parsnips barely got growing.  I think we’ll leave them in a bit longer and see what happens.

We also need to put in next year’s garlic crop soon.  Or really, J will get the bed ready and put them in.  He’s been super about doing all the dishes and other household tasks so I can try to follow the midwife’s recommendations to take things easy these first few weeks after delivery.  Not sewing is kind of driving me crazy, but I was able to finish this little knitting project which I’ll share soon:


5 thoughts on “In the garden: September

  1. We had so many green tomatoes two years ago. I mostly did fried green tomatoes. Toy can also make salsa verde using green tomatoes instead of tomatillos, but it tasted a little *too* green to me. I love E’s zucchini smile. 😉

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