A pebble vest for O

Before O was born, I created a list of baby sewing and knitting patterns I liked.  I was feeling kind of panicked about all the ideas out there.  And the more time I spend on Flickr, Ravelry, and reading blogs, the more fabulous ideas I want to try.  I love it and am completely overwhelmed at the same time.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

So as soon as O was born I knew a little vest was one of the first things I wanted to make.  This is the pebble vest pattern, using some Cascade 220 superwash yarn.  I did some knitting last weekend while at my parents’ beach house.  Knitting with a baby snoozing next to you on the couch is quite lovely.



I finished the vest up this week with some little wooden buttons.  I used the recommended needle size but this ended up feeling quite small (maybe because O is rather huge for a newborn?).  It fits right now but probably not for much longer.  I’m hoping for some cool weather soon so we can get a little wear in the next few weeks.

DSC_0258 DSC_0268

And I’ll have to make another larger one soon, because babies in little vests are so sweet.  I just want to sit around and kiss his huge cheeks!

8 thoughts on “A pebble vest for O

  1. Oh my gosh is he cute! That best is darling, too. I also have the same project load as you, though usually it transfers into not being able to start anything!

    • Thank you Rachel! I’m having a similar problem with all my projects for E. Which pattern to make next and then which fabric to use?!? I’d love to see any of your finished projects!

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