Fall planning

It certainly feels like fall is here, all of a sudden. I packed away all of E’s shorts and reflected a bit on my sewing projects for the spring and summer. I was happy to see that most of the pieces I made ended up getting worn (although skirts and dresses are still a tougher sell). Then I took inventory of her fall and winter clothes. Turns out, E doesn’t need all that much for the upcoming seasons. So I’m trying to create my to-sew list by balancing the gaps in her wardrobe with some things I just want to sew (such as patterns that she will soon size out of and patterns I’m just curious to try).

I decided on a few fall projects for O, a few non-clothes projects, and then a longer list for E. Really, there are just too many fantastic patterns out there.

IMG_3965When we were at my parents’ cabin a while back I did some pattern tracing. For my digital patterns I’m still debating if it makes the most sense to print the pattern out once and then trace the needed size onto Swedish tracing paper or just print the pattern out multiple times for each size needed. Anyone have tricks or thoughts?


I’m hoping to get some actual sewing done this weekend. And did you see that Kid’s Clothes Week is back in October? I’m so excited!



2 thoughts on “Fall planning

    • I do love lists :). I think I may use your approach and do more printing and cutting for my digital patterns. The tracing is satisfying and nice for not having to replace printer cartridges so often but it is quite slow. And my sewing time is rather limited these days!

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