Fall KCW: getting ready

300x300_fall2I tried to keep my plans reasonable for this week.  I picked easy patterns (I think).  I cut everything out in advance.  I even made sure I had matching thread this time around.  With help from grandparents, E at preschool some mornings, and O’s occasional ability to nap on his own, I’m really hoping to get in one hour a day of sewing.


My plans for E:
Add cuffs to an old pair of pants
Uptown hat
Kid pants by MADE

My plans for O:
Quick change trousers

O is growing so fast that it doesn’t make much sense to sew for him right now.  I’ve got a few knitting projects in mind for O as the sizing is a bit more forgiving.

Anyone else preparing to join in the fun?  I love these weeks!


4 thoughts on “Fall KCW: getting ready

  1. I am so impressed with your list and having a little baby. I tired to KCW last time but it didn’t go so well for me. I have a shirt in the works though. If it gets finished this week I will share it.

    • Well thanks, we’ll see how much actually gets done 🙂 I haven’t completed much sewing lately and it does feel good to get back to it. O’s bed and changing area in our room is where I used to have my sewing area, so it takes some juggling to have work space. I’ll keep an eye out for the shirt!

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