Fall KCW Day 1: highwater pants


Day 1 of KCW complete!  I picked my most basic project for today, which is more of an alteration than an actual project.


When I inventoried E’s fall wardrobe it appeared that she had tons of pants.  Then she started to actually wear them and most were rather short on her.  Some serious highwater action going on.  But I hated to pack away the two corduroy pairs I made last spring because they are some of her (and my) favorites.  So I thought I’d try to fix them by adding a cuff.  I used the construction technique I learned from the Oliver + S sleepover pajama pattern.  Really, these patterns are so good.  I learn a new technique every time.

I didn’t want to add a print cuff because then we have so many more matching issues.  So I added two inches of the same corduroy to the bottom instead.



Pattern:  basic kid pants by MADE (I love this pattern and all the associated tutorials Dana has provided)

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman 21 wale corduroy in leaf (this fabric is super soft and has held up well to heavy wear and many washings)

Modifications:  Adding two-inch cuff to bottom



The good- the cuff part went together so well and the pants are now long enough

The bad- no amount of washing or steam was able to erase the old stitching line or hide the wear on the old hem (as you can see below).  The bottom of these pants are far from elegant, but functional and perfect for preschool.  I may go back and add cuffs to the other pair as well, but will cut off the old hem line first.


I was able to sew this morning while E was with her grandmother.  O spent some time on his playmat and I discovered that I can totally sew while he naps in the beco carrier.  Success!  Look at him all snug in there.  And tomorrow’s project is an actual NEW item of clothing since this one hardly counts…


7 thoughts on “Fall KCW Day 1: highwater pants

  1. Favourite pants deserve a cuff 🙂 The colour is beautiful, and it looks so fun with the purple jacket 🙂

    Wow have you tried sewing with a baby in a carrier before? I have never heard of this 🙂 Sounds like a great idea 🙂 As long as the both of you are comfy 🙂 The sound of a sewing machine would be so calming for the bubs 🙂

    • Thanks Jenya! I’d never tried sewing with the carrier on before but I’ve certainly done lots of different chores wearing him. This is a great carrier, although I did have a bit of a backache at the end!

    • Thanks, Christine! It was so nice to sew this week. And I love that Sunday Brunch coat on E. It was one of my first big projects. I remember my mother-in-law helping me with the buttonholes because I was too scared to try them on my own!

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