Fall KCW Day 2: lounge pants


Day 2 of Kids Clothes Week and I did some sewing today and some admiring of all the projects popping up on the KCW website.  This season seems to especially have some great wardrobe staple basics.  One of my goals this year was to expand beyond quilting cotton to try to make more of these everyday sorts of items.  That means tackling my fear of knits.  Most blog posts I read about knits go something like this- “I was worried about sewing with knits but then I tried it and it was great!”. Sadly, my few experiences have been super frustrating and turned out some questionable results.

But I had a realization that there are all kinds of knit fabrics out there, and maybe some are less likely to be eaten by my machine than the thin t-shirt knits I first tried.  So, I took some maternity pants I no longer need and cut out a new pair of Dana’s basic kid pants.   This is the same pattern as yesterday and I’ll be sad when E sizes out of it.


Pattern:   basic kid pants by MADE with the flat-front option

Fabric:  Blue velour cut from from an old pair of maternity PJ pants

Modification:  I added about two inches and preserved the original pants hem (which further increases the length) and decreased the seam allowance.  I also ran elastic around the entire waist (even though I cut the flat-front option).



I’m getting a little better at figuring out knits.  The outside, at least, doesn’t have as many strange puckers and the stitching feels more secure.  The inside is still a work in progress.  I recently bought a couple of Oliver + S patterns with knits so I’ll see what hints I can pick up there.  After that, I think I may need to take an actual class.  Sewing with knits is maybe like learning to knit-  I needed actual people to see me through the first bit.


But that’s the frustrating part.  The good part is that these made a super-comfy pair of pants.  They are actually too big right now with all my modifications, but better that than too small.  I’d still like to make some more pants for E but am not sure what to try next.  Anyone have favorite pants patterns for 3 year olds?  Or favorite fabrics to use?  I’d love to hear your ideas!


6 thoughts on “Fall KCW Day 2: lounge pants

  1. Uhhh, those look comfy 🙂
    My first experiences sewing with knits were also a bit frustrating, but I think knits are more “error” forgiving than other fabrics. Don’t give up. I can give you a few tips if you would like, but I’m not a pro.
    As for pants I don’t sew them much for my girl, but for knits I would say leggins. O+S has some nice patterns, for more structured fabrics like denim our corduroy.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Carla! I think you are right that I just need to keep experimenting and see what works. And I’d love to hear any tips- your creations are wonderful!

  2. The pants look great and super comfy. I hear you about feeling like you need to take a class and get someone to sit with you and help you out to start with. I make most of my daughters leggings from tops, I made a peasant style dress out of a couple of tees and a cardi… That’s the extend of my sewing with knits haha

  3. They look great and I am so impressed you figured out how to make them with an old pair of pants. I wish I could do that. I am working on my second knit item right now. So far I like it. I plan to do the new Oliver and S pattern as my next knit project.

    • Well, using the old pants meant being able to skip the bottom hemming, so that was big motivation! 🙂 I’m curious to hear how you like the Oliver + S pattern with knits. I think I have the same one, but haven’t traced or cut it out yet. So many patterns to try!

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