Fall KCW Day 3/4: quick change trousers


Finding baby pants that fit well over cloth diapers can be a challenge.  Cute ones rarely fit.  Basic knit pants usually work but aren’t particularly interesting.  Any sort of jeans fabric is a lost cause.  The newborn pants from Made By Rae work well but O is outgrowing the width.  So I decided to try making a pair of quick change trousers.


These pants are reversible so you basically make and sew two pairs of pants together.  I made one side out of this fabulous gray linen to be a neutral, jeans-like pants (with a bit of green thrown in for fun):

qct gray

The other side uses mostly a green snail print with a bit of the same linen:

qct green

Having two layers makes these pants super cozy and sturdy.  The linen is heavier than quilting cotton so that makes the pants even more substantial. Probably not good pants for summer or warmer climates, though. And they do take a bit longer to cut out and make than standard pants.  But the fit over cloth diapers is great!  There is plenty of room in the top and the cuffs make the length very adjustable.  I anticipate making more pairs this year and next winter, as the pattern goes up to size 18-24 months.  Project #3 for Kid’s Clothes Week complete!

* * *

Pattern:  Quick change trousers from the book Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner, size 3-6 months

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman essex yarn dyed linen in black, Michael Miller backyard baby in bug jars and fun on the vine

Modifications:  none (that feels like a first!)


5 thoughts on “Fall KCW Day 3/4: quick change trousers

  1. Oh you shold have started the post with a cuteness warning 🙂 O is simply adorable 🙂 and looking cute and smart in these pants. The colours compliment each other very well.

    I have heard from a few parents using cloth nappies that finding pants that fit well is a bit of a challenge.

    • Oh, thanks Jenya! We think he is a cutie as well. I was happy with the color choice. There are so many pieces to these pants that you could really go crazy with different colors and patterns!

    • Thanks, Christine! Sewing for babies is pretty fun- fast, not much fabric, and some cute patterns out there. Not as much for boys as girls, but more than I had originally thought!

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