Fall KCW Days 5/6/7: uptown hat and knight tunic


My last two projects for Kid’s Clothes Week are complete!  The first was a hat for E.  She has a little plaid baseball hat that’s been a favorite for the past two years.  I guess kid heads grow really slowly??  It’s finally getting too small so I looked around for a good replacement.  The Uptown hat and Downtown hat patterns by Heidi & Finn kept popping up.  I’ve never sewn any of their patterns but decided to give the uptown hat a try.



Pattern:  Uptown Hat by Heidi & Finn, size 12m-5t

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman essex yarn dyed linen blend in denim (exterior), Michael Miller backyard baby fun on the vine and shot cotton (interior)

Modifications:  the only change I made was to hand-sew the bias tape to the brim, avoiding some tread switching on the machine and giving a cleaner finish


This pattern came together very well.  There is a ton of topstitching which gives a nice finished look.  My topstitching is far from perfect, so don’t look too closely at the pictures, please.  The hat is a bit big on E so it should fit for a while longer.  I maybe should have added the optional elastic in the back, described in the directions.

The hat is actually reversible:



I’d originally intended to use a floral print for the inside but realized that this could fit O in a few years, so switched to these greens.  It’s a bit big for now…


Once I finished the hat I had to whip up a quick costume for E.  We went to little Halloween party at her preschool this weekend and I hadn’t gotten around to any costume sewing yet.   E has changed her mind a few times, but eventually stuck with her original plan to be a knight.  Although she didn’t want any costume except the shied and head piece we’d made months ago out of cardboard, I decided to overrule her and sew at least something.  I used the Geranium dress bodice pieces to make this basic knight’s tunic.  It’s nice to have a go-to bodice pattern to use for drafting something new.


I might sew up a few more pieces for her costume or this might be all we do.  E put the whole ensemble together for her party and seemed pleased.

DSC_0725 DSC_0716

Whew!  That was a lot of sewing this past week.  I loved getting back into my sewing routine.  I had a great time seeing all the sewing others have completed this week and am excited to do it all again this winter!


9 thoughts on “Fall KCW Days 5/6/7: uptown hat and knight tunic

    • Thanks Jane! Glad you stopped by from KCW. It’s such a great resource. Now that the week is over I look forward to spending more time on the project page, gathering ideas and inspiration!

    • Thanks! That’s a great idea for using it as everyday wear- I was just planning to add it to the dress-up basket. Tunics/smocks are nice for the winter around here, to add some warmth without too much bulk.

    • Thanks! It was such a fun week but I certainly couldn’t keep up that pace much longer. Everything else was getting pretty neglected and my to-do list is a bit out of control 🙂

    • Thanks! This was a fun pattern- fast and worth a try! I do feel like it’s a bit big/sits a bit low on her head. I’m not sure if the elastic suggested would have fixed that or not.

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