Gnome hats

We headed back to the family beach cabin last weekend.  Away from my at-home chores, I’m usually able to fit in some knitting and sewing.  Apart from a few childhood attempts, I didn’t learn to knit until quite recently.   I think my hold up was that I’m left-handed.  I thought I needed to take my mother’s right-handed knitting instructions and reverse them, which was way too complicated.  Once that turned out to be unnecessary, learning to knit was a whole lot easier (although still involving some tears).  I am just starting to feel like I have some control over how things turn out and I don’t have to run to the computer and look up every knitting stitch.  I also love that knitting is portable and easier to do while sitting around with family and friends.  And unlike sewing, I have friends who knit which makes it quite fun.

After a wild windstorm last Saturday, Sunday was calm and beautiful.  We headed down to the beach for some family photos.  Most of these pictures are from my husband, whose photography skills far exceed my own.

DSC_0200 DSC_0204

I made these Little Heaume hats quite a while ago.  I love that they fit both kids at the same time.  E calls them gnome hats.  I smile every time they get worn.  I wrote about the pink hat in my very first blog post, last February. I actually made the blue hat first, but it was too small for E and never got worn.

And O’s fabulous sweater (Elizabeth Zimmerman’s surplice baby jacket) was knitted by my very talented friend.  I love the color, the yarn (Madelintosh tosh dk) and the pattern.  It has buttonholes all around the bottom making it completely adjustable.  Brilliant!

DSC_0186 DSC_0152

The pattern came with a matching booties pattern (little chausses) so I made these for O to match his hat.  I’m not wild about the fit on him but they sure were fun to make!


I also finished up another pair of pants for E and started some mittens last weekend, so more project and beach pictures coming soon!


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