Pink pants and baby mitts

Last weekend I finished up some pants for E.  These are yet another pair of MADE basic kid pants.



I again used some of my old pants for the fabric.  For many years these were my go-to pants each evening after coming home from teaching elementary school.  Sadly the waistband had frayed beyond repair.  I had to strategically work around some worn spots and stains but I like that these pants can have another life.  I felt slightly more confident sewing with knits but my results are still a bit wonky.  For these pants I used my mother’s serger for the main seams and have to say, there will be lots more serging in my future.  I only know how to do the basic, overlocked stitch so I also used an old Singer Featherweight machine to attach the pockets and sew up the waistband.  I love how tiny and simple these machines are- so little to go wrong.  The machine has a box of intimidating-looking attachments (you need an attachment to do anything except a basic, straight stitch) but I really only use it for straight seams anyway.  These are particularly lovely machines for piecing quilts.


The fit on these pants is kind of baggy because I serged up the outer edges rather than use a 1/2 inch allowance as called for.  I also retained the original pants hem instead of hemming.  I’m hoping they’ll last quite a while, and even now are fine for playing and dancing on the beach:



My other weekend project was baby mittens for O.  I used the baby mitts pattern from Susan B. Anderson.


The first pair was too small for O (not checking my gauge gets me into lots of trouble, plus I think O’s hands are really big) so I enlarged the pattern and made a second pair.  The smaller pair will get passed along to a friend whose baby is a few weeks and many sizes smaller than O.

DSC_0459 DSC_0469_2

Baby mittens are the fastest thing yet to knit.  I may need to whip up a few more pairs!


2 thoughts on “Pink pants and baby mitts

  1. Beautiful clothes, children, and pictures. I love the beach this time of year. You just reminded me that my goal this fall was to become comfortable with my serger and I haven’t used it once. Oops. There is still one more month.

    • Oh thank you Christine- I always appreciate your comments so much! The beach is great and fall around here has been quite nice. If it weren’t for it getting dark so early I think fall might be my favorite season. Good luck with the serger! I’m excited to pull it out for another project soon, although I either need to do another project with white tread or learn to re-thread the machine 🙂

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