Purple sailboat pants

Lately I’ve been good at a few things:  buying fabric and new patterns, knitting, and cutting out new projects.  But not so good at actually sewing until this week.  First up, more pants for E.  I am trying to find some good patterns since she mostly wears pants and most store-bought ones are either too short or too wide.  The pair of sailboat pants I made for E last spring were heavily worn into the fall.  She loved them, they held up well, and the fit was good.  I thought about making another pair this fall but decided to lengthen the pattern to make proper pant-lengths.  I used all the pieces of the sailboat pattern but then merged the legs with my old standby, the MADE basic kid pants.


Pattern:  Oliver + S sailboat pants size 3T, lengthened into the MADE basic kid pants

Fabric:  Oasis organic canvas in wine, floral quilting cotton for lining

Modifications:  Lengthened pants, sewed on buttons without making button holes (the buttons on her previous pair were never unbuttoned, so I figured I could skip a step)

DSC_0039 DSC_0091

The sewing on these came together quite well but I was disappointed in the fit, likely created by merging the patterns.  They are a bit too wide and too short for E.  Functional pants for sure, but not the fit I had in mind.  Maybe I’ll try these again with more modification or maybe I’ll just try another pattern.  Either way, it sure was nice to be back sewing an Oliver + S pattern.  It’s been a while (July- how did that happen?) since I made one of their patterns and I’ve missed the clarity of directions and the nice finishes.  I’m excited to use this pattern for O soon.  And previously I’d discounted the shirt part of this pattern because I thought it would be too boxy on my skinny gal.  But then I saw this dress and then this tunic and changed my mind.  Lengthened into a dress or as a tunic with leggings these pattern would be perfect for winter.  Another one for my to-do list.


And yes, I took my daughter out for some photos on a rather frosty and crisp morning.  We were a bit chilled by the end.


Next up, some Thanksgiving outfits for the kids.  Not much time left, but I have big plans!


6 thoughts on “Purple sailboat pants

    • O’s pants are almost done and I’m starting E’s jumper next. We’ll see if O’s vest gets finished- I had to rip out all my stitches and am just now starting over again with new yarn. Ack!

  1. Ooh, purple is just *her color* isn’t it? What deep rich purples, too! Love this ensemble. I want to make Maggie a Sunday Brunch jacket when she’s a little older.

    • Thanks, Inder! I didn’t realize I made so many purple things for her until now! The Sunday Brunch pattern is so much fun- it would be great for Maggie! It’s fit E for a really long time now and still fits great except for being a bit short. I might lengthen the next one a bit more. All those bias bound seams took a long time but it makes me so happy every time she wears this coat!

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