Debbie’s birthday dress

Before O was born I was lucky enough to win a copy of the Debbie’s Birthday Dress pattern from Suz at Sewpony.  I taped it together right away and then cut out a tunic-length version for October Kids Clothes week.  This is view 2, modified to be cut on the fold instead of having a seam.  I cut out a size 3, but I miscalculated and it ended up way, way to short for E.  I wasn’t sure how best to fix my mistake so I put the pattern aside.  A few weeks ago I decided to have another go and figured out how to cut out a bottom contrast band in blue fabric to match the peter pan collar.


I think this will be a nice extra-layer for E as we move into colder weather and this pattern has a unique, vintage feel about it.  But for whatever reason the sewing fairies weren’t with me on this project- my seams didn’t match, I cut out the buttonhole loop too long and had to rip it out, I mistakenly trimmed the collar seam so I had a heck of a time getting the collar to lie flat, and adding that band at the bottom while matching all seams and preserving the fun A-line shape was a challenge.  But the peter pan collar itself, which I was most worried about, came together without a hitch.  The directions were great and easy to follow, as I’ve never made this type (or maybe any type?) of collar before.  It also learned how to make a partial lining- I’ve only done linings that are either full-length or end at a waist seam.  I faked a partial lining for E’s knight costume but it was nice to have instructions this time around.


A few notes- this pattern would work best with a serger for finishing the edges.  It feels a bit unfinished inside as I had to zigzag some seams and double-fold the lining and hem.  Also, this is not sewn from the updated version of the pattern.  I’d already printed and taped the pattern and so haven’t yet checked about getting the updated version.


DSC_0263E wore her new tunic with an old pair of corduroy pants.  I lengthened these in a similar way to her green pair but this time I cut closer to the hem so the old hem line was hidden in the new seam.  You can still see the old stitching line.  Should I cover that line with ribbon or rick-rack or something?  I’m still not sure.


And Thanksgiving outfits?  Well, I fell a little behind but should have something to share soon.  We did have a wonderful, long holiday weekend with family.  I hope your weekend was just as relaxing and lovely!


6 thoughts on “Debbie’s birthday dress

    • Thanks, Jenya. I was inspired by all your versions to finally get this one finished! I’m thinking about making another one with a warmer fabric (flannel? corduroy? wool?) for the winter.

  1. More gorgeousness here! I love this outfit. You know, I just zig-zagged my seams for ages, and didn’t care what they looked like. But now that I have a serger, I do appreciate how neat it makes everything. I have to say, I might like those pants most of all, though. Purple + corduroy = YUM.

    • Those serged, clean insides do look wonderful! I sometimes use french seams but now I’m borrowing my mom’s serger so hopefully that will improve my seams. I just wish I had space to set up both machines at once. And the purple pants are some of my favorites!

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