Belated T-day Outfit


A bit belated, but I finished O’s Thanksgiving Day outfit last week.  The pants were done in plenty of time, and he wore them while sleeping through our Thanksgiving meal.  The vest had a few false starts.  First I used a lovely, but ultimately too substantial, yarn to try and make an enlarged pebble vest (O outgrew his first one quite a while ago).  I then decided to try the Milo vest pattern instead.  This pattern goes through size 6 so I’m hoping to make many more vests for both E and O.


The pants are another pair of quick change trousers.  I love these pants!  His first pair of trousers are well used.  I sewed these in the 3-6 month size again, but used a 3/8 inch seam allowance at the top of the side/middle seams for extra diaper room, easing into the recommended 5/8 inch allowance on the already baggy legs.  The acorn print is from the anthology woodlands line, and yes I managed to cut out half of the pieces upside down, a mistake I somehow keep making.  I’ve had my eye on this acorn fabric at one of my favorite fabric shops and was happy to finally buy some for this project.

DSC_0591 DSC_0596

The other fabric is Robert Kaufman 21 wale corduroy in tan.  This is such a soft, versatile fabric.  I love the essex linen fabric I used last time but it sure wrinkles out of the dryer, and ironing the pants of someone who is three months old does feel a little silly.  But worth it for this sweet, easy-going, snuggly little guy.


I think these pieces should get a fair bit of use over the winter months.  And E’s Thanksgiving outfit?  She got to wear a lovely dress her grandmother made because my plans didn’t work out.  I had some serious Japanese pattern complications, combined with some uncertainty about fabric choice.  I’m putting it aside to try to get some last-minute Christmas projects finished up.  Tonight, I am planning on some knitting in front of the Christmas tree.  I love this time of year.

8 thoughts on “Belated T-day Outfit

  1. Oh those cheeks! He is too cute. And he looks extra snuggly and cute in that outfit. I love the vest. I love knitting vests for my son especially as he gets bigger (because they are quicker and he gets hot easily). I love the fabric combination for the pants too.

    • Thanks, Christine! I love his cheeks and snuggly little self! Good idea about vests for older kids- they also take less yarn than sweaters which is also nice. If you have any favorite patterns I’d love to get their names!

    • Thanks, Rachel! I put the pants on him today and was sad to see that they hardly fit over his huge cloth diaper anymore. Babies grow so fast! But I have a bunch of the fabric left so I may have to make him another pair in a bigger size. I’ll have to check our Iris’ pair for inspiration!

    • Aw, thank you! He’s such a little sweetie. And learning to knit has been so fun! This year I’m hoping to graduate to some larger projects. Maybe sweaters for E and O for next fall? We will see!

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