2013 year in review

I didn’t have plans to do any kind of 2013 wrap up, partly because I had no idea how to create the lovely, linked mosaics I’ve been seeing on so many blogs.  Then Liesl suggested using Mosaic Maker in her last blog post and I had to give it a try.  It was really easy- and fun to see everything put together in this one place.

First up, my Oliver+S sewing:

o+s sewing 2013

1. Sailboat pants, 2. 2+2 Blouse, 3. Class picnic shorts, 4. Ice cream blouse,                     5. Bucket hat, 6. Class picnic shorts, 7. Puppet show shorts, 8.Ice cream blouse,              9. Sailboat pants, 10. Ice cream dress, 11. Roller skate tunic, 12. Library dress

Some sewing from other pattern makers:

other clothes 2013

1. Quick change trousers, 2. Debbie’s Birthday, 3. MADE pants, 4. Knight/uptown hat,      5. Quick change trousers, 6. MADE pants, 7. Newborn pants, 8. Round neck top,             9. Geranium dress/baby shoes, 10. Beach Robe, 11. Geranium top, 12. MADE pants,     13. Newborn pants, 14. Round neck top, 15. Geranium top, 16. Reversible circle skirt

Some bags, baskets, baby items, and other sewing:

other sewing 2013

1. Divided basket, 2. Sidekick tote, 3. Sidekick tote, 4. baby washcloths,                           5. Baby burp cloths, 6. Fabric bowls, 7. Fabric bowl, 8. Divided basket,                             9. Lunchbox, 10. wallet, 11. Felt bookmarks, 12. Pincushion

And a whole lot of knitting:

knitting 2013

1. Christmas mittens, 2. Felted bowls, 3. Milo vest, 4. Baby mittens,                                     5. Baby shoes, 6. Gnome hats, 7. Vintage knits hat/booties 8. Pebble vest,                 9.Cable baby hat, 10. Saartje’s Bootees, 11. Baby bear, 12. Puerperium cardigan,         13. Baby slippers, 14. Mini fishy fish, 15. Big Ears the rabbit, 16. Doll shoes,                     17. Saartje’s Bootees, 18. Marisol the mouse, 19. Doll sweater, 20. Jelly bean socks

Hope your 2014 is off to a lovely start!


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