Camping concentration

When I saw the Take A Hike fabric from Dear Stella I immediately thought of my nephew. His family hikes, camps, and spends their summers at a canoe base.  With my nephew’s fourth birthday coming up I decided to use the fabric to make a concentration/memory game.


I found this tutorial and used it to make a set of 20 game pieces and a matching bag.  I wasn’t able to cut the center pictures at a consistent size because of the size and spacing in the original fabric.  The whole things has a rustic, slightly wonky feel, which I’m okay with.


E and I tried it out. She’s too young for the proper memory game, but we had fun with a simple picture-side up matching game. She also enjoyed stacking and buttoning practice.



And now, I have a few more things to prep for Kids Clothes Week.  There have been such fun guest posts over on the KCW blog and I have way more ideas than can be accomplished in seven days, but oh well.   It starts on Monday and I’m excited for some sewing and admiring the clever work of others.  


4 thoughts on “Camping concentration

    • Thanks! It was perfect for this project. I might make something similar for E if I can find the right fabric. Or maybe just use assorted fabric scraps like the tutorial.

  1. What a great idea! The camping fabric is so cute. I am also going to try to participate in KCW. Like you, I have way more ideas than I have actual time. But I’m still really excited to see what everyone makes!

    • Thanks, Inder! I look forward to seeing your KCW creations! I’m hoping to get a little head start today with my husband home but we shall see. And I’ve been meaning to comment on your last post about something’s better than noting- so much great wisdom in this post. I’m thinking that may be a good motto for me too 🙂

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