KCW project #2: bimaa hoodie


Project #2, and this was a fun one.  I purchased the Sew Fab e-Pattern bundle last fall and the bimaa sweater from LouBee clothing was one of the included patterns.  It comes with a shawl, cowl, and hoodie version.  I’m not completed sold on cowls for kids but I love a good hoodie.

Bimaa hoodie1

This is a size 4 and, as noted in the pattern and most reviews, this has a super slim fit.  I love the fit on E but when in doubt I’d go up a size and ensure that you use a very stretchy fabric.  I used a super-thin, super stretchy knit from Girl Charlee that is now out of stock.  The pin dots appear to be made with metallic puffy paint.  Not quite what I was expecting, but that’s what happens when you buy fabric online.

Bimaa hoodie2

In addition to a great fit, this pattern was so much fun to sew.  Once I got through cutting out the slippery fabric this thing came together in no time.  There weren’t any tricky parts. Everything matched up.  And the best part- I did the entire thing on the serger.  Sleeve and waist bands mean no hemming.  I may be adding cuffs to all my shirts because I love the clean finish (and so far I’ve been unsuccessful with hemming knits).

Bimaa hoodie3

While the fit is super slim, the hood is plenty roomy.

Bimaa hoodie5

E loved the results.  She was dancing all around the yard.  I imagine many more bimaa sweaters in our future.

Bimaa hoodie6

Bimaa hoodie4


10 thoughts on “KCW project #2: bimaa hoodie

    • It was so satisfying! But then last night a tried a different shirt and managed to serge the wrong parts together (twice!) and it is so much trickier to rip out those stitches! And then the neckband got all wonky. But hey, no other way to learn than practice 🙂

  1. i have been so tempted by so many versions of this pattern…yours is yet another! i love the fit and the gray & purple combo, it looks great on her. as soon as i get my serger threaded i’m going to make a bimaa!

    • It really is a fun shirt and I like the style. It was great on the serger and would have been super fast if the serger hadn’t come unthreaded partway through! I’d never threaded it before and that took some problem solving, so I understand where you’re coming from! And I look forward to seeing your bimaas!

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