KCW project #3: Carefree Clothes apron

button-250-sqMy third project for KCW was the apron pattern from the book Carefree Clothes for Girls.   I got this book from my library last summer but quickly learning that it wasn’t my style. There are a lot of lace, doilies, and unfinished hems.  Only this apron caught my eye, so I traced the pattern (in size 4) onto a big piece of Sewdish tracing paper and returned the book.


Last fall I cut out the pieces and I couldn’t figure out why I’d traced the pieces so spaced out.  Normally I squeeze everything in as tightly as possible because I’m kind of cheap like that.  Then I remembered, after cutting of course, that these patterns don’t include seam allowances.  I’d left all that extra space to add them in later.  Oops.  I kind of faked the seam allowances and then set the whole thing aside.

Pulling the apron out for this KCW I puzzled a bit over the construction.  The directions want you to zigzag and fold under the raw edges.  That just feels unfinished to me, and also tricky around curvy little armholes and necks.  I considered using bias binding around the whole thing but eventually decided just to make a full lining.  I goofed a bit as I’m not super experienced with linings but it worked.



The main fabric is Kaufman interweave chambray in berry and the pocket is Kaufman essex yarn dyed linen in blue.  I really like both fabrics.  The interweave chambray is probably too substantial for most shirts but I think it would work well for shorts, pants, and some dresses.  It has the same shimmer as shot cotton which I always enjoy.



I also like the swingy curved hemline and back.  It fits fine right now but without much wiggle room.  Perhaps the best part was when E stuck her hands in the apron pockets and said, “maybe I’ll put some pancakes in here.”  Which we both thought was quite funny.  And you might too, if you’ve read The Dragons of Blueland as many times as we have.


I actually made two more little items during KCW that I plan to share soon.  This KCW was perfect for clearing out old projects.  So while I’m not wild about this apron, I’m excited to get one more unfinished item cleaned out as I get ready for a new season of sewing. Anyone else getting ready for spring and spring sewing?  E was stepping on bulbs as we took these pictures, so spring must be just around the corner!


11 thoughts on “KCW project #3: Carefree Clothes apron

  1. The apron is adorable just like E. I love Swedish tracing paper and always save scraps for small things like pockets etc. We have not read the Dragons of Blueland. I’ll have to go click on your link.

    • Thanks, Christine! Swedish tracing paper and a nice, sharp Ticonderoga pencil are the perfect tools for tracing in my book. Dragons of Blueland is the third book in the My Father’s Dragon trilogy. E got the books for Christmas and she absolutely loves them.

  2. We love the Dragons of Blueland too! We’ve heard the trilogy again and again – my kids have the audiobooks:) We’ve been reading Kate DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson series. Have you read those? Also good. And funny.

    • I’ve read some of her other books, but not that series. I’ll have to look it up. And the audiobooks are an excellent idea- we’re headed on a road trip soon and that might be just what we need. Thanks for the ideas, Brienne!

  3. That’s funny about you saying you didn’t care for most of the patterns in the book. I bought my copy off Amazon after reading some blog posts. It seems to have quite a fan base. But when it arrived I was really disappointed. I didn’t like how the garments were finished and I have yet to make anything from it. If I were to choose one project though, it would be this apron. It really suits your daughter.

    • Thanks, Rachel! There are actually three books in the My Father’s Dragon trilogy and E loves them all. We were just reading them (again) this morning. They are rather quirky but fun.

      • Jude loved the book and read it in only a few hours! And since you told me about the trilogy, we have the other two books on hold at the library now! Thanks for the great suggestions!

        • So glad he liked it! It’s actually the third book (I probably should have mentioned that!) but each book stands alone fairly well. We especially loved the maps in each book and have spent quite a bit of timing examining each one. Hope those library holds come in soon!

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