KCW project #4-5: adventures with knits

button-250-sqThese are the last two projects I completed during Kid’s Clothes Week.  Both projects are part of my ongoing experiment with knits.  Nothing fancy and there were some issues.  But hey, maybe someone can learn from my mistakes.  First up, an Oliver+S field trip raglan t shirt.

KCW knits1

The serger worked well for the construction of the body and then I used my regular machine to top stitch the neckline.  As you can see, the neck ended up wavy and very stretched out.  I’ve made a few flashback skinny tees and the neckbands were fine, so I’m not sure where I went wrong.  After seeing the lovely knits from the very funny and very talented Lightening McStitch here I asked for some advice.  She passed along some good ideas and also suggested that the fabric could be the problem.  My previous shirts were upcycled tshirts and this fabric was a thrifted piece of unknown content, so I will happily blame the fabric on this one and figure it can be another pajama shirt.

I got a few pictures during breakfast so you can fully appreciate its wonkiness:

KCW knits4KCW knits2

This is a size 3 with a bit of added length on the arms and bottom by the addition of the cuffs. The cuffs worked so well on the bimaa hoodie I decided to add them here.  I like cuffs on arms because you can add a bit of length without having the sleeves hanging in the way.  E fit well into the size 3 library dress at Christmas so I went with the size 3 here but it ended up quite baggy.  I might just stick with flashback skinny tee for E because I think the fit suits her better.  I am excited to use this shirt and accompanying cargo pants pattern for O, though.

KCW knits5

* * *

And my last project:  a pair of Thatdarnkat underwear.  I’ve had this pattern for a long time, waiting for E to actually need some new undies.  I finally got tired of waiting and decided to make a practice pair using some old shirts.  Comparing the pattern pieces to her current pairs I made a size two and they fit perfectly.  Before I make more pairs I need to buy some fabric with lycra content for the waistbands as the polyester/cotton shirts I substituted don’t have a lot of elastic power.  I plan to make a stack of size 4s to have on hand when she needs them, because these are darn cute. 

KCW knits6

And that’s it for winter Kid’s Clothes Week.  Better late than never on getting this posted, I suppose!


10 thoughts on “KCW project #4-5: adventures with knits

  1. The underwear is fabulous!!!! I had a similar problem as your neckline. A knit shirt I made Luke (the 2nd and last knit item I have made) was wavy on the bottom and kind of came out like a bell. And then it even shrank more even though I had pre washed and dried. So it is his wear around the house shirt.

    • Isn’t the underwear pattern adorable! And nice to know that other people make knit shirts that are only suitable for at-home wear 🙂 I did have good luck reusing the hems on a clearance Old Navy shirt, so that’s another way to go.

  2. Necklines on t-shirts are tricky! The thing I’ve learned – you can’t really go by the pattern piece size. Different knits have different amounts of stretch, and need a different length to create the same diameter neckline. I dunno. I’m always experimenting and trying different things, and some just turn out better than others. Seems to be something you develop a “feel” for, if that makes sense. Using a walking foot helps with the waviness.

    • P.S. The undies are adorable! I love that pattern! And I agree, you want a lycra knit with some “pop” for the legs and waist, I’ve learned that ribbing doesn’t work as well for these.

      • That totally makes sense about the varying stretch of knits. I’ll have to continue experimenting. There is so much to learn about knit fabrics! But it does seem worth it as the results are (usually) so easy to wear and ready right out of the dryer. And the undies, they are just so fun. I’m trying not to buy new fabric until my bins are a bit more under control, but I’ll make an exception for some good lycra knits.

  3. Aw shucks, You’re too kind.
    I’ve been thinking about posting a “my year experimenting with knit sewing” post as honestly, some of my first attempts are pretty dreadful. It’s all experimentation and there’s always the Flashdance off the shoulder look that will undoubtedly come back into fashion soon
    Without strong recommendations I wouldn’t buy knit fabric online as feeling it and giving it a test stretch seems to be the best indicator of whether it’s useful or not!
    I’ve been very tempted by That Darn Kat’s undies pattern and yours are great!

    • I’d love to see that post! I think it would be reassuring to those of us that struggle and would be inspiration to keep trying! And yes, I definitely thought of Flashdance when E tried on the shirt! Thanks again for your ideas, kind words, and for stoping by here!

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