Winter knitting

Much like last summer, the last few weeks have been full of fun adventures but not much sewing.  I guess I also needed a little break after Kid’s Clothes Week.  I do have big plans for spring and hope to get more sewing time soon.  Until then, I finished up a few knitting projects.

Winter knits : Lizzieville8

These are some pants for O (Ravelry notes here) using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby February longies pattern.  I powered through the less than detailed instructions and used up yarn from my stash.    They are super cozy, still a bit long, and despite some construction issues, totally functional.  Plus they make me smile.

Winter knits : Lizzieville2 Winter knits : Lizzieville1

Winter knits : Lizzieville3

E kindly entertained O while I took some pictures.  I love watching their sibling relationship develop.  Best thing even.

Winter knits : Lizzieville4 Winter knits : Lizzieville5

I also finished my honey cowl a while ago (notes here).  This is a very slow project.  I plodded through it for a few weeks and then finished it up in a burst of knitting at my monthly knitting group.  I’m not totally sold on the size-  it isn’t long enough to wrap around twice but is a bit roomy with the single wrap.  But I love yarn, and tucked into various coats and vests it’s been keeping me cozy.

Winter knits : Lizzieville9 Winter knits : Lizzieville7 Winter knits : Lizzieville6

Hope you’re having good luck on your projects, or at least enjoying some adventures!


13 thoughts on “Winter knitting

  1. Chubby baby thighs wrapped in adorable knit pants! GAH!! I just want to go nom nom nom.
    P.S. The cowl is cute too. I’ve been knitting a tiny bit myself! Whoa! I suck, though. 😉

    • I know- the cubbiness is just too much! My first knitting projects involved so many tears, ripping things out, and some odd-looking finished products. My knits still have some serious issues (there were some mysterious holes in the back of these pants….) but I’m getting better. It’s nice to knit during those random minutes when both kids are entertained but there isn’t time to sew. I’m excited to see your knits!

  2. I just died and it is all O’s and his longies’ fault. So cute! And I still love the honey cowl, but it was an unexpectedly boring and long knit for me, considering its size.

    • Aw thanks, Kirsten! I kind of want to make him a bunch of pairs so he can wear them every day until it gets too summery. And after a bit of Ravelry searching I decided that I like the honey cowl pattern best, despite the slowness. So I’ve just cast on for another one, with a few modifications.

  3. I can’t stand the cuteness!!!! I need to have another baby and make those pants. They are adorable. Your cowl looks great. I haven’t done any clothing sewing in two weeks! I lost my motivation but am enjoying doing fun projects by hand. We may end up making the dress at the same time after all 🙂

    • Thanks, Christine! There are so many fun, fast baby knits. The jumprope dress had me completely intimated but yesterday I dove back in and got the collar and the first part of the placket done. And it wasn’t as hard as I feared, so maybe I’ll keep with it. You’ve had some lovely projects going on- totally worth getting distracted over!

  4. Those pants!! Adorable. The color of the cowl is beautiful. Winter knitting sound so nice! And the sibling relationship…it really is the best thing ever. And just keeps getting better and better!

  5. The longies! The cuteness is simply too much! I love those sweet baby toes, too. And the honey cowl looks great on you. I love the color you chose!

    • Oh, thanks Rachel! Making things for babies is so much fun, as I’m sure you know! The yarn for the cowl and for E’s mittens were both bought while I was pregnant, to make baby things if we had a baby girl. Now I’m having fun finding other uses for it!

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